Tanzanian school to link with SSFS

13th November 2017
Children from SSFS will soon be linking with youngsters from a school in Tanzania.
The cross-continental link-up will provide huge educational benefits to SSFS pupils - helping our children and theirs to learn about a different culture and way of life.
SSFS has supported Newcastle-based charity Coco for a number of years and the organisation recently asked if the school would like to link with a new school in the village of Miwaleni, in north Tanzania.
Miwaleni school has 45 children with ages ranging from three to seven.
Pupils from SSFS will be communicating with the school via post and email. The school does not have electricity but a Coco employee can get messages to them.
It is hoped that SSFS can help raise small amounts of money for the school to help them buy much needed resources and to contribute to their long-term goals of installing a fresh water pump and establishing a garden in which to grow food for school lunches.
Anyone interested in finding out more about Coco can visit their website www.coco.org.uk