March 2022

British Science Week 2022 at SSFS
We had a fantastic week in school celebrating British Science Week! Each class planned and carried out fascinating experiments and investigations linked to the theme GROWTH. Each class interpreted the theme differently which made for a very exciting and varied week! We watched as gummy bears grew bigger in water, built rockets and Mars rovers, we investigated the changes in the weight of bananas when they were mashed, made seed bombs, made grass heads, investigated Spring, plant dissections and so, so much more! 
We were very lucky that some kind parents offered to come into school to work with the children and share details of their interesting jobs. We have many parents that work in STEM jobs (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and we loved our visits from Thomas H's mum, Minnie's dad and Mrs Davidge. We learned about being a paediatric Speech and Language Therapist, a nurse and even a RAF jet propulsion engineer! The classes were fascinated and it has definitely been food for thought for many of our budding scientists and engineers!
We spent some time talking about future careers and learning about the types of people who work in STEM. The children were very pleased to learn about how many amazing women work in very important jobs, and how this is a positive change from how things were in the past. We talked about having big aspirations for the future and that they could work towards any career that they choose. 
What a brilliant week!