Year 3 School Visit

The Hancock Museum - Newcastle
Year 3 were fortunate enough to go on their first school trip this half term!
In line with our history topic (The Bronze, Stone and Iron Ages) and our learning in Science (Rocks and Fossils), we visited the Hancock Museum in Newcastle to show off what we had learned and develop our knowledge even further!
We were all so excited to sit on the bus with our friends and enjoy the experience of our first school trip together!
When we arrived at the museum we put our learning to the test by completing some small Fossil investigation activities in our groups. Miss Brunton was so impressed with what we had remembered from our topic!
Before lunch, we had time to explore areas of the museum and talk about the importance of preserving history and artefacts. 
The wonderful staff at the museum led a fantastic Bronze and Iron Age workshop where we were able to share what we had learned and impress the staff! Mrs Walsh was so proud of our answers in the workshop!
We were able to hold real artefacts and talk about how they were made using our learning from the topic.