An Introduction to 'The Lighthouse'

Seaton Sluice First School SSB - The Lighthouse
"Shining a light on inclusion"
The Lighthouse is a very special place to learn! We are committed to supporting 15 children who need a more personalised and bespoke educational experience within a mainstream setting.  Our provision supports children with a range of learning and physical needs in a tailored environment, but also gives them the opportunity to feel part of the wider school. All of the pupils within The Lighthouse have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The specific objectives and goals within their plan is the key focus of their learning on a daily basis.  The impact of this is that the children work on priority areas of their development and progress is measured in smaller steps where the children achieve ongoing success and raised self-esteem. The children also feel safe and secure having access to The Lighthouse provision, a space which is less overwhelming, catering for a lower number of pupils with higher staff ratios. At Seaton Sluice First School, we pride ourselves on how inclusive we are. 
We are able to offer experienced SEN teachers, therapists and support staff will develop individual curriculums each child based on real life learning, celebrating every small step of success.  For further information about this provision please contact the school or SEN Northumberland County Council.