Assessment of Learning

Assessing Children's Learning
We want our pupils to be inspired by the rich, diverse curriculum that we deliver at Seaton Sluice First School. Learning should always been meaningful, relevant and progressive, allowing children to develop skills and knowledge which are built upon year on year. As a result, they should be able to recall their learning, make links and naturally be able to apply their learning to different contexts.
We want our pupils to confidently talk about their learning, in a clear, coherent way. Lessons should ignite a flame inside of them that stimulates curiosity and wonder. Learning takes place inside and outside; maximising opportunities to use senses and be immersed in a range of environments is critical for us all to learn in a variety of ways. Conversations with pupils and examples of work should reflect the quality of learning across the curriculum. We also enjoy representing their learning through videos and photos. 
Every child has their own 'Journey of Progress' which is a cross-curricular portfolio of their work as they move through the school. This is very much a celebration of their achievements and should be shared with their families and friends. At the end of their journey, before the transition to middle school, each child is presented with their 'Journey of Progress' as a special memory of their educational journey with us. 
Below are some examples of pupils' work that represents learning from across the school. We are very proud of our pupils and their fantastic achievements.