Chance To Dance ROH

Chance To Dance
Year 3 were fortunate enough to take part in Chance To Dance this year, a programme in partnership with the Royal Ballet. The programme gives primary schools across the UK the opportunity to engage in expressive dance and creative ballet.
The programme, in partnership with the Royal Opera House, included a visit to Dance City in Newcastle, 6 weeks of teacher-led expressive dance in school, 6 weeks of ballet sessions led by the Chance To Dance team in school, two days of intensive rehearsals and a final grand performance alongside other participating schools.
Miss Brunton and Mrs Bennett also attended a days training in Newcastle led by the Chance To Dance team and some members of the Royal Ballet.
Visiting Dance City
 On Thursday 5th October, Year 3 went on their very first school trip to Dance City in Newcastle. 
This was an opportunity for children to meet the Chance To Dance team that would be working alongside us in school, and also some faces behind the scenes of the programme.
The children had a tour of the dance studios and got a chance to sit in the theatre where they would be performing on stage, in front of their teachers, friends and family.
Children left the dance studio with a buzz of excitement and a different perspective on ballet.
In-School Expressive Dance
Within weekly PE lessons, Miss Brunton led 6 weeks of expressive dance sessions based around Lewis Carroll's fabulous 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. 
Children explored how we can use facial expressions and body language to represent the emotions and actions of characters in the tale.