African Drumming

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Years 2 and 3 enjoyed an afternoon workshop of African Drumming!
Fanuel visited our school on Monday to teach us about Djembe drumming and how special it can be in African cultural celebrations. Having previously lived in Zimbabwe, Fanuel was able to show us how he plays the Djembe drum both for fun and during special celebrations with his family and friends.
Pupils learned all about how Djembe drums are made and how using them in different ways can help us to make a variety of sounds. Did you know they are made using real goat skin?
All children received a drum to play and with a little bit of practice, both classes sounded fantastic when they played as a group! Fanuel taught us different variations of rhythms and the children used their knowledge of counting beats from music to help them play. 
"It was so fun and Fanuel was a kind teacher, I liked playing on the drum because it is something that I have never done before"
Emily, Year 3
"I really enjoyed it and it made me want my own drums to play at home!"
Max, Year 2 
Pupils really enjoyed their African drumming and were also given the opportunity to ask questions at the end about music, Djembe drums and Africa. 
This was a fantastic opportunity for children to explore the use of different musical instruments whilst learning about other cultures and traditions. 
Thank you to Fanuel for visiting our school and a massive well done to Year 2 and 3 for their efforts!
The video below shows Year 3 playing a combination of rhythm variations that they learned across the afternoon: