Welcome to Seaton Sluice First School 
Seaton Sluice First School is committed to the safeguarding and well-being of all pupils and all staff at all times.
"Pupils sing at every opportunity. Music is the bedrock on which the school is built...One pupil described being at school as simply 'joyful'. Another correctly said that everyone is happy because they are safe and secure." OFSTED Nov 2019
Song For Our Future 
We would like to share one of our school songs with you. It was written by our Headteacher, Mrs Bennett and recorded by our Year 4 pupils at the time. 
The song was written during the pandemic with lyrics describing the challenges experienced by everyone. The song acknowledges that whilst the last two years have been so difficult, often bringing sadness and worry, there is hope on the horizon as we look towards the future. As the lyrics say:
So walk with me and look towards the future, shining in the distance...the very brightest stars! 
Stride across the land, determined hand in hand, believing that your dreams can all come true.
So walk with me and look towards the future, only looking back to see what we've achieved.
Stride across the land, united we we will stand...to a future built on all these memories.