Seaton Sluice has got Talent!

Seaton Sluice has got Talent

Our Seaton Sluice has got Talent show was a true spectacle of diverse and impressive performances. The talent show featured a variety of acts, ranging from a gymnastic routine to hilarious comedy acts, impressive dance routines, a bouncing DJ set, a spectacular band, and some marvellous singing acts. Each act was unique and showcased the immense talent of our children.

The gymnastics routine was awe-inspiring, showcasing impressive movements, leaving the audience in awe. The three comedy acts were hilarious, with each of our performers ranging from 4 to 9yrs showing impeccable timing and wit. The dance routines were energetic and synchronized, leaving the audience tapping their feet and swaying to the music. Our musical acts showed marvelous talent in both drumming and keyboard playing.

The DJ set was impressive, keeping the crowd engaged. The band played some original music, which was catchy and well-received by the audience. The singing acts were beautiful, with each student showcasing their unique style and vocal range.

The overall production was impressive, with the stage design and lighting creating a professional and polished feel to the show. The audience was engaged throughout the show, and the judges had a tough time selecting the winners.

Overall, the Seaton Sluice has Got Talent show was a great success, showcasing the immense talent of our children and leaving the audience thoroughly entertained. However there can only be one winning act and that was... *drum roll*... Ayda and Ella's dance routine from Yr 2.