Tanzania Day

13th January 2020
Seaton Sluice First School are excited to be holding another Tanzania Day - and hope to raise funds for SSFS's link school in the African country.
Children and staff have an ongoing link with MCODE Nursery School in Miwaleni and have previously worked with North East-based charity Coco to help raise money to contribute towards the build of a much-needed new classroom at the school.
And SSFS are asking for your help to get the Tanzanian school to their target.
Children have been given an activity 'bingo' board, which has nine different activities linked to life in Tanzania. They should complete this before Tanzania Day on Tuesday, January 21st, while collecting sponsorship from friends and family for each activity.
It is so important that all children have the opportunity to get an education, so SSFS appreciates any contribution parents and carers can make.
For more information about the work of Coco, visit www.coco.org.uk