SSFS raise almost £1,000 on Tanzania Day

27th January 2020
Seaton Sluice First School enjoyed yet another hugely successful Tanzania Day, with almost £1,000 being raised to help our link school in the African country.
Children across the school dressed in the colours of the Tanzanian flag and took part in a range of activities.
In Year 4, pupils created African-based artwork and cooked traditional Tanzanian food, while children in Year 2 were able to examine some fascinating Tanzanian artifacts and Nursery created African-inspired prints.
SSFS has been linked with MCODE school in the Tanzanian village of Miwaleni for some time and have been helping to raise cash for the African school so that they can build a much-needed new classroom.
Around £1,000 was raised last week after children were asked to collect sponsorship for completing various challenges designed to replicate life in Tanzania.
These activities included eating dinner with their hands, reading a story by candle-light and going screen-free for 24 hours.
The cash will be given to Newcastle-based charity Coco, who are supporting the Tanzanian school with their fundraising.