Sound Detectives

29th November 2018
Mrs Pawsey, mum to two lovely boys at our school, who also happens to be a science teacher at Astley High School, visited KS2 this week to help our children solve a tricky conundrum: Can you ever SEE sound?
At first we all thought... NO WAY but we quickly discovered that there are a range of ways to make the invisible visible and develop our understanding using models and apparatus.
The children had a fantastic morning watching a speaker mix up custard using sound waves, seeing who has the loudest voice in class, checking out a Ruebens tube online (ask someone in Y3 or 4 why we couldn't do that one in the classroom) and trying to make a speaker out of everyday items. 
We are extremely grateful to Mrs Pawsey for taking the time to share her expertise and science gadgets with us and hope she will come again soon...