Recycling Centre trip

20th November 2017
Ever wondered what happens to your recycling after it's chucked in the bin? Well, green-minded 'Global Leaders' from SSFS decided to find out when they visited the recycling centre.
The children learnt about the sorting process, what happens to our rubbish and where it goes to be re-used as part of their trip to 0'Brien's Recycling Centre, in Wallsend.
The youngsters decided that as part of their roles as 'Global Leaders' within the school that they would like to find out more about recycling and feed back to the whole school.
Miss Chivers, who accompanied the children on the trip, said: "The children found the visit very interesting and asked brilliant questions and came away from the trip with a good knowledge of how the process works.
"They behaved exceptionally and were great ambassadors for our school."