Enterprise Week

8th May 2017
Enterprising youngsters in Year 4 turned in a healthy profit with a sale of their own products.
The pupils spent a week designing, making and advertising their own range of confectionery, including candy apples, fairy cakes and biscuits.
Together, the pupils managed to make almost £80 with a sale of the goods at the end of the week.
The group of seven children kick-started their enterprise project with a well-penned letter to Sainsbury's requesting a donation of goods.
The youngsters then began the process of deciding what they wanted to make and how they would advertise it through posters to the rest of the school.
The Enterprise Week culminated in a 'bake sale', the profits of which will be used to buy school resources of the group's choice.
A huge thank you to Sainsbury's for kindly donating products.