E-safety Parents' Workshop

15th January 2018
The internet. The most marvellous, useful technological tool in just about all of our lives.
However, it can pose huge RISKS to young people, which is why SSFS have organised an e-safety workshop for parents.
The one-hour session will be delivered by e-safety leader for Northumberland County Council John Devlin, who is extremely experienced and will share his expertise with parents.
Mr Devlin will also offer advice on how best to keep your child safe online.
With so many children accessing the internet and using technology, there are a number of risks of which we have a duty to protect them from.
Safeguarding SSFS children is a key priority and we would love to see as many people as possible attending this invaluable session.
It will be held on Wednesday, February 21 and there will be classroom set up for children to be supervised by staff to allow for parents and carers to attend.