The teaching of phonics

The teaching of phonics
Reading and writing is taught through a carefully planned system of synthetic phonics. Our school uses the Bug Club phonics scheme, which enables phonics to appeal to the youngest children.
Nursery - Children develop early sound discrimination, blending and segmenting skills through the teaching of Letters and Sounds Phase 1.
Reception - Children learn all letter sounds through the teaching of Phase 2 and 3. Often, elements of 4 and 5 will be taught to children who have a very good understanding of the previous phases. Year 1- Most children will consolidate Phase 3, 4 and 5. Children who require extra support will revisit Phase 2.
Year 2 - Consolidation of any phase from 2 to 5 followed by the teaching of Phase 6.
Year 3 and 4 - Teachers will teach phonics in response to any gaps that become apparent in the children’s phonic knowledge. They will teach aspects of any phase to ensure that all children know and understand phonics, and are able to apply their skills in reading and writing.