School Menu Choices

School Catering from September 2020

School catering will return in September, with a few temporary changes. There will be a choice of hot meals or a cold menu option. Parents/carers must choose ONE option only for their child.

Classroom Service

Children will receive a fully packaged meal, served in disposable packaging but standard cutlery, beakers and jugs of water will be provided.

Collection of waste and dirty cutlery will be made from outside each classroom by catering staff.

Dining Room Service

Where dining room service can take place, catering staff will plate the whole meal and have it ready for children to pick up.

There will only be one menu option per day but all diets including children with food intolerances and allergies will be individually catered for. The catering team have written to all parents of children requiring prescribed diets to advise them of the changes to the menu.

For more information on school catering services and the temporary changes click here