Welcome to Seaton Sluice First School
We are delighted that you are able to take the time to visit our website and find out more about our fantastic school. 
Seaton Sluice First School is a happy, welcoming community. We are fully committed to the safeguarding and well-being of all pupils and staff at all times.  The staff and pupils are proud of our inclusive school community and we welcome families from our catchment area as well as further afield to be part of our school. 
 We whole-heartedly believe in the importance of reading and are committed to teaching all children to be able to read by the age of seven. For those children who find reading difficult, we will do everything we can possibly do to help them become confident, independent readers.
 This will provide the very best opportunities for our pupils to access and enjoy a rich and diverse curriculum. Not only does reading help children build vital language skills but it exposes them to new words and ways of using language. Furthermore, it helps them develop curiosity in our ever-changing world. The wonder of books allows children to become immersed in the lives of fictional characters and celebrate the diversity of different cultures. Therefore, the importance of reading for children cannot be underestimated. Reading to our children, for pleasure, can benefit their educational experience, as well as their social and cognitive development, their well-being and their mental health. 
We very much hope that you enjoy exploring our website and warmly invite you to come a visit us!
Song For Our Future  (Please scroll down...)
We would like to share one of our school songs with you. It was written by our Headteacher, Mrs Bennett and recorded by our Year 4 pupils at the time. 
The song was written during the pandemic with lyrics describing the challenges experienced by everyone. The song acknowledges that whilst the last two years have been so difficult, often bringing sadness and worry, there is hope on the horizon as we look towards the future. As the lyrics say:
So walk with me and look towards the future, shining in the distance...the very brightest stars! 
Stride across the land, determined hand in hand, believing that your dreams can all come true.
So walk with me and look towards the future, only looking back to see what we've achieved.
Stride across the land, united we we will stand...to a future built on all these memories.