School Menu Choices

Our school menu system allows you to pre-order your child’s preferred choice for lunch each day. Each day your child will be given a coloured token which matches the colour of their menu choice. The token will indicate their choice and ensure they get the preferred meal choice.

We will always try to give your child the correct choice of meal; however on the rare occasion this does not happen this will be due to reasons beyond our control. If your child accidentally drops their school meal or tips water on their lunch, we cannot guarantee they will be given a replacement meal the same as what they ordered. Extra meals will be sent to school each day but this will be of the most popular menu choice for the day.

If your child forgets their packed lunch and we need to offer them a school meal, this will be the most popular menu choice for the day.

Once you and your child have chosen the three-week menu choice, this will last for one term and will not change until a new menu is introduced. If, however, your child choses a choice that they really dislike after trying, please contact the office during the first three weeks of the menu cycle.

On rare occasions, the menu choice day may be changed due to supplies not arriving in the kitchen. When this happens the menu day is usually swapped for an alternative day that week so we will do our best to make sure your child still receives their preferred choice.

Special Dietary Requirements

If your child has any special dietary requirements these can be catered for by contacting the School Office.

Any questions should be directed to Mrs Heslegrave in the School Office.