Safer Internet Day 2018

White Class celebrated Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February and this year's theme was 

Create, Connect and Share Respect

We all agreed that the internet is pretty brilliant and there are lots of things online that we find helpful in our learning as well as being lots of fun. In our discussions one of the most popular aspects was that we can use the internet to keep in touch with our friends.
We talked a lot about feelings today and how, for example, sharing a picture online of a friend tripping over and dropping their double-scoop, chocolate fudge brownie ice cream cone might be funny for you but could actually make your feel sad or embarrassed.
We found that we do not always agree on what is funny and what is embarrassing and it's wise to think carefully before you share something about someone else online...
Finally, everyone created their personal Digital Footprint - this shows the sites, games and devices that we use the most often. We discovered that where we go and what we share online is often a permanent record and we cannot always go back in time and change something we have shared.
Yet another reason to post with caution!