A great start to 2022 with 4 year groups exceeding our attendance target of 96.2%! Well done EVERYONE... we are proud of you!

Curriculum Intent in English and Maths

Statement of Intent in Mathematics
At Seaton Sluice First School, we want our pupils to see the relevance of their learning in maths and love the challenge of solving real-life problems. Mathematics is a key area of the curriculum and their learning should equip them with the fundamental skills that allow them to navigate successfully through their whole life. We want all of our pupils to feel confident in knowing that they can achieve in mathematics and believe that they can flourish in the curiosity and wonder of mathematics and logical reasoning.
At Seaton Sluice First School, we foster a 'can do' attitude where children are not afraid to try their best, even when learning feels difficult. Mathematics teaching uses visual, hands-on methods using manipulatives to allow children to 'picture' their mathematical learning. We promote a growth mindset, encouraging our pupils to 'have a go' even if it involves making mistakes which are a vital part of the journey. We want our pupils to embrace all opportunities within mathematics.
Statement of Intent in English 
English is the foundation of the whole curriculum. At Seaton Sluice First School, we want our pupils to have a love of reading and a passion to write with accuracy and imagination across a range of contexts and genres. Even though English is delivered as a stand alone lesson, it is very much weaved throughout all subjects and we strive to produce quality work of a high standard that reflects pride. 
Planning ensures a wide coverage of high-quality texts so children are immersed in vocabulary rich, stimulating learning environments. At Seaton Sluice First School, we want our pupils to be motivated to write, in lessons but also at home, without being prompted. We want our pupils to love writing creatively and feel proud of writing for a specific reason which could result in a particular outcome or result. 
Furthermore, we encourage our pupils to be confident speakers and effective listeners; through discussions, debates and providing opportunities for them to listen, reflect and articulate their thoughts on historic and current issues. We want all of our pupils to love English and become fluent readers who not only read for learning purposes but choose to do so as a result of how much joy it brings to them.